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Give Us Time takes commercially let accommodation donated by owners of holiday groups, hotels, holiday homes and timeshares, and matches them with military families in need of rest, rehabilitation and reconnection with their families.

Often, after 6 months away from home, the family dynamic can change considerably and it can be stressful for both the service personnel and their families to readjust to a life together again, in a domestic situation that may be different to how it was before they left. Give Us Time helps service families reconnect to life after deployments and provides them with the chance to spend time together and to reaffirm their family bonds and strengthen relationships.

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Virgin ASICS London 10k

Give Us Time is thrilled to announce that we have secured five places at the Virgin 2020 ASICS London 10k on the 5th of July. Join the thousands of runners through Central London. You'll also run past the True Geographical Centre of London, down closed Regent Street, the Strand ...

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